#59 How I Get Stuff Done with Depression


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I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret… I’m not magic. I’m hoping most of you already know that. But, I also know that your brain would have you believe that people around you who are doing things you want to be doing… are in fact magic in some way. 

You may believe that someone is better at organization and that’s why they can do what they do. Maybe they are early risers and that’s why, or they are naturally confident. Or, maybe, they just don’t struggle with what you struggle with. 

But, what if none of that is true. 

Today I am sharing how I get STUFF done, even with depression. How I show up, even with migraines or mental illness or fatigue.

You can be successful and also not be perfectly healthy and energetic all the time. Honestly, your health has nothing to do with your success.

Skeptical? Listen in and see if you can implement some of these things that help me to show up even when life is hard.

#58 Sensations Vs. Emotions

Sensations and emotions are important to identify.
We are really good at treating sensations. We are amazing at filling hunger or treating physical pain or even finding ways to manage stress on the body through a great massage and a bubble bath.
The part we aren’t so good at, is treating the emotions.
We aren’t very well practiced at managing stress, fatigue and pain, when it originates from our own brain.
I want to help you with that.
Listen in, and then check out some of my free resources below!

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#57 The Food Mood Connection | with Health Coach Ali Ginn

We consume so much food in our lifetime. It’s crazy to believe that it wouldn’t have an effect on our mood.
In this episode I talk to Functional medicine health coach, Ali Ginn. She talks about identifying the root cause when it comes to fatigue, hormone imbalances and mood.
We also discuss how thought work and the coaching I do plays into sticking with any type of lifestyle change, and what’s actually happening in the brain when we create emotion intentionally.

If you want more help with this you can grab a free session with me HERE

#56 5 Tools to Love Any Family Gathering

Do you love your family, but also struggle to be around them. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with you. Family Gatherings have the potential to be the best teacher, but also provide some of our greatest challenges.

It’s not enough to just change your behavior in order to get along. And, when did getting along become enough.

I am teaching you my 5 tools to LOVE your family gatherings again. You don’t have to endure family time. Enjoy it!

#55 EmyLee Coaches Kelly on Being a Mom & CEO

Kelly is struggling with the belief that creating clients is easy or fun. She struggles to feel like she is running a REAL business and is waiting to acquire paying clients before she can feel “LEGIT” (my words not hers haha).

She also worries whether it’s ok to want to make money and help provide financially for her family. She holds the belief that owning a business won’t allow her to be flexible with her family.

If you have goals and a family, this might be the episode for you.

#54 The Truth About Money

Did you know that everything you have, you created. This is amazing news, because this means you have the power to create more of it, or to create something entirely different.
I’m sharing the FIVE LIES  I used to believe about money, and what I now know to be true.

The way I think about money is the reason I can finally believe that I could be the sole bread winner in my family, something I never thought I would have the mental and emotional capacity to do.

I believe in the value I put in the world and so I keep creating it and sharing it.

#53 Confident Like the Savior

Confidence is not pride. In fact, confidence is what allowed the savior to be so compassionate. It was a perfect understanding of his Worth + Purpose that helped him to do hard things, love those that hated him, and stay the course. In this Episode I’m not only explaining confidence like you have never heard it before, but I’m going to teach you how to increase your own confidence in the process. This is not just something you are born with. It’s a skill you can create for yourself, and it will change everything for you.

#52 EmyLee Coaches Janet on Her Husbands Thoughts About Her

You know that moment when your husband walks in and you quickly become very aware of the mess surrounding you?
It doesn’t matter that you loved how you played with your kids that day, or that you called up a friend in need. You forget that you fed your kids or read your scriptures. 
He walks in and looks around and right away, you become defensive. 
Doesn’t he see all that you do? Why does he care so much about the mess?

I want to offer to you that it’s not your husband’s thoughts about the mess, making you feel less than. 

Most often, we aren’t quite sure if we are doing enough, spending time in the right places or that what we do even makes a dent. 

Listen in as I coach Janet on her Husband’s thoughts about her . This coaching session offers great insight into how we can stop defending ourself, and start loving ourselves.

#51 Infertility & Purpose | with Danelle Beckstrand

If you are searching for fulfillment in your life… If you wonder how you will fulfill your purpose or find that thing that lights you up… then push play and take notes!

Purpose is already here. You are fulfilling your purpose. You are on earth learning and growing. You are changing and become different. That is your purpose. Now, if you’re wanting to feel fulfilled… that’s something different. 

It’s actually easier than you think to be fulfilled, because it’s not something you land on or happen to find, it’s something you create. 

Reckognizing your current purpose comes first. Once you learn how to do that, you will know how to create fulfillment every day. 

#50 Ask EmyLee Anything

Listen as I answer questions from women just like you. 
How do I not beat myself up when I gain weight back?
How do I deal with in-laws I don’t like?
How do I deal with fear of the future?
How do I handle the stress and overwhelm when I have more things to do than time to do it in?
I’m answering all these and more!