#80 Feeling Bad about Feeling Bad


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Dirty pain is the suffering we create for ourselves when we believe we shouldn’t have negative emotion.

This is the number one way we can minimize the drama, struggle and challenges in our lives.

This week I’m talking about the pitfalls of positive thinking, confusing blessings for happiness, and misinterpreting sadness for a lack of gratitude.
You are allowed to struggle. It is actually the way to a really amazing life full of JOY. I know it seems counterintuitive, but give it a listen and email me your thoughts.


#79 The One Touch Rule

one touch rule

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Welcome to the best rule in my house.

You may have heard of “The one touch rule” before. And, if you haven’t, you should!

I’m showing you how I apply this rule to several areas of my home and life, in order to simplify cleaning, decision making and more.

Simplifying your life can be as easy as ditching the phrase “maybe” and finding confidence to say no every once in a while.

And while that might sound intense, just think of why we say “maybe” . Most often it’s because we don’t want to hurt other’s feelings or ruin their expectations of us.

Yes and no is a gift we give to ourselves and others. Listen, subscribe and leave a review friends!