#83 Increasing Your Emotional Bandwidth


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How much can you feel before you are “out!”. For me, it didn’t use to take very much to take me out of the game. A simple tantrum or quarrel and I was wiped out!

This week I’m teaching you that increasing the amount of emotion you can handle will make you better at life. I’m going to help you avoid “The upper limit problem” so you can stop sabotaging yourself and falling back into overwhelm. And, I’m going to show you the benefit of feeling negative emotion in a way that doesn’t swallow you up, but allows you to show up! It’s seriously sooo good. See you inside!

#82 EmyLee Coaches Ashley-Marie: You Time=More Time

more time

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Today I’m going to hopefully sell you on the idea that when you take time for you, you have more time to be the mom, wife, disciple etc. that you want to be.

Confidence and love are the best fuel to go and contribute in your life.

If you struggle to take time for you because you believe it takes time away from the ones you love…. listen in.

Taking time for yourself will mean less down time later. Which means more mom time, spouse time, calling time etc.

#81 Getting Your Life Back

getting life back

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Do you miss the woman you used to be? You know, the YOU before you were tired and unmotivated? The You that was excited to wake up early and get started on her goals? The YOU that hadn’t lost her identity in pregnancy or school pick ups or health diagnosis?
The #1 thing women want me to help them with… Getting back to who they once were.
But what they don’t know is that this quest is only making life harder. And, they forget that they don’t need to envy her. They are her.
Your past should indicate all that you are capable of today. And beyond that, who you are now is even better than who you were before. You are informed, resilient, seasoned and wise.

Let me show you how to become who you were meant to be. And, it doesn’t involve looking into the past at all.