#23 LOVE Languages and a One Way Marriage

love languages

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If you’re caught up in trying to understand your spouse better so you can love them in just the right way… you might be exhausted. Or, worse, resentful.

Love languages is a beautiful way to gain understanding  about ourselves and others, but when we show up to try and make other people feel our love, it can feel like a loosing battle. This is because their feelings never were in our control.

And, this goes both ways. Our spouse isn’t there to complete us. They can’t make us feel special or loved or enough, and it’s not their job. We need to fill our own emotional cup and then show up to our marriages 100%.

This is why coaching one on one can be so powerful in a marriage.  Relationships are simply our thoughts about another person and that is absolutely within our control.

If you’re a little skeptical I understand. Listen in and this concept might change your marriage forever!
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