#41 Guilt Free Wanting

How will you know where to go, if you don’t know what you want. Wanting is the difference between wandering and finding purpose. But, I have found that we confuse wanting with a lack of gratitude. 
How can we want if we already have so much?
The truth is, everything you have is a result of something you wanted. And before you created it, it was you wanting for more. 
Wanting isn’t in opposition to gratitude. And actually the most effective wanting is when we already love what we have. 
It is the wanting that is the fun part, not the getting of it! So listen in as I help you understand how to want from gratitude so you can stop feeling guilty and start dreaming!

Oh and it’s not too late for you woman. Your desires are still important, and achievable. There is nothing that you can’t have, but first, you have to dream it up! Hop on a mini coaching call with me. 30 minutes and I’ll have you dreaming up a storm. Just CLICK HERE and grab a spot on my calendar! See you soon