#44 EmyLee Coaches Katelyn on What to do About Distance Learning in The Fall?

distance learning

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Can I just say, I really want to throw you all a life raft right now! So, I’m trying not to fall in the pool on this one!

We all have a lot of similar decisions to make in the fall and it can get overwhelming. Especially when our brain is looking at last spring as an indicator for what we have to look forward to!

What I want you to notice when I am coaching Katelyn is how even as she tries to decide on the perfect school choice for her son, she still feels overwhelmed and stuck.

The Circumstance can help a situation. We would like things to get back to normal. I agree. But the truth is, it’s not actually the distance learning creating our mood and relationships with our kids.

Even as she looks for a new option, she is holding on to the thought, ” He’s going to fight me every step of the way.”

The decision is not nearly as important as our thought. That’s why I LOOOVE coaching. And why I had to offer you this robot version of my coaching call. It was just too good.