#52 EmyLee Coaches Janet on Her Husband’s Thoughts About HER

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You know that moment when your husband walks in and you quickly become very aware of the mess surrounding you?

It doesn’t matter that you loved how you played with your kids that day, or that you called up a friend in need. You forget that you fed your kids or read your scriptures.

He walks in and looks around and right away, you become defensive.
Doesn’t he see all that you do? Why does he care so much about the mess?

I want to offer to you that it’s not your husbands thoughts about the mess making you feel less than.

Most often, you aren’t quite sure if we are doing enough, spending time in the right places or that what we do even makes a dent.

Listen in as I coach Janet on her Husband’s thoughts about her . This coaching session offers great insight into how we can stop defending ourself, and start loving ourselves.