#45 Being Productive in Our Vulnerability

The traditional idea is that vulnerability means we are exposed, and available for attack. This is not how I see it. In Fact I think it’s the allusion of being exposed that pushes people apart when they try to be vulnerable with each other. 
Listen in as I teach you why vulnerability is never a bad idea and the way to fully show up and be heard. 

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#44 EmyLee Coaches Katelyn About What To Do For Distance Learning

Can I just say, I really want to throw you all a life raft right now! So, I’m trying not to fall in the pool on this one! 
We all have a lot of similar decisions to make in the fall and it can get overwhelming. Especially when our brain is looking at last spring as an indicator for what we have to look forward to!
What I want you to notice when I am coaching Katelyn is how even as she tries to decide on the perfect school choice for her son, she still feels overwhelmed and stuck. 

Changing the Circumstance can help a situation. We would all like things to get back to normal. I agree. But the truth is, it’s not actually the distance learning creating our mood and relationships with our kids. 

Even as she looks for a new option, she is holding on to the thought, ” He’s going to fight me every step of the way.”

The decision is not nearly as important as our thought. That’s why I LOOOVE coaching. And why I had to offer you this robot version of my coaching call. It was just too good. 

#43 Emylee Coaches Ashley on What to Do When a Friend is Mad at You

I’m giving you a SNEAK PEEK into one of my client coaching sessions to give you a glimpse of the types of things we coach on and what a typical session looks like. 

Ashley struggles not to take on the options of her friend. She feels attacked, but since her kids are friends with her friends kids, she doesn’t want things to feel awkward. 

Check out the different tools I offer to her and how Ashley applies them to her situation. 

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#42 How to Help Your Struggling Child

Our reasons for guiding our children are full of love. We want them to be happy. We want them to not have to struggle as we did. We want them to go down the path of least resistance. 
We set boundaries because we love them. So how come it’s so hard to feel love for them when they keep breaking our trust, making poor choices, and ignoring our rules? 
What starts out as a loving endeavor, can quickly turn to anger, frustration and a feeling of helplessness for many of us with a child who is struggling. 
I’m teaching you 3 secrets to stay engaged with your child, even when they are making “poor” choices. 
They aren’t what you think. But they are much more effective than the emotional roller coaster we seem to be on right now. Take a breathe and tune in… I’ve got you. 

#41 Guilt Free Wanting

How will you know where to go, if you don’t know what you want. Wanting is the difference between wandering and finding purpose. But, I have found that we confuse wanting with a lack of gratitude. 
How can we want if we already have so much?
The truth is, everything you have is a result of something you wanted. And before you created it, it was you wanting for more. 
Wanting isn’t in opposition to gratitude. And actually the most effective wanting is when we already love what we have. 
It is the wanting that is the fun part, not the getting of it! So listen in as I help you understand how to want from gratitude so you can stop feeling guilty and start dreaming!

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#40 How To Change Your Thoughts

Self help book after self help book and we begin to feel like we are just spraying a whole ton of febreeze on top of a heap of manure. Gross I know. But, that’s what it’s like when we try to think positively without the awareness of what’s actually creating our struggles. 
By now you may know that it’s your own thoughts, not anything outside of you, challenging your mood and life. 
So the next question of course is, “How do I change my thoughts?”
After you’ve identified thoughts that aren’t serving you, you are ready to change them, but how?
In this episode I’m teaching you how to bridge your way to a thought that serves you far better, and one you actually believe!
The difference between a life of struggles and one that fills you up is often one thought. 

#39 Confusion Delusion | The #1 Lie We Love To Believe

There’s a lie that we keep believing and it’s keeping us stuck. It’s stopping us from showing up for our kids, and trying new things. It’s keeping us overweight and dissatisfied with our lives. It stops us from creating what we were meant to create, and it’s tricking us into not finding the answers we need. 
Confusion isn’t a state of being, it’s a lie. When our brains tell us we are just confused and can’t move forward… It just isn’t true. In this episode I am going to tell you the things we don’t have to be confused about any more. Start taking notes, this is going to blow your mind!

#38 How To Get In the Mood | with LDS Sex Coach Amanda Louder

Intimacy in marriage can be an incredible tool to become united and connect. It’s also really fun! Did you know this? Sex can be something that you enjoy too. Although there are some physical aspects, desire and enjoyment are %80 mental. 
I’m talking with LDS Sex Coach Amanda Louder about where desire actually comes from. We don’t have to stay in this dead lock where your waiting to connect emotionally and their waiting to connect physically. Connection doesn’t actually come from either of those things. 
To learn more about Amanda, you can find her here! Amandalouder.com/limitless

#37 How to Apologize on Purpose

The art of listening, is key to dropping out of our defensive and protective mode, and truly hearing someone elses pain. Apologies are the great connector and have the power to heal our lives. In this episode I’m offering some of my favorite takeaways from Brene Browns podcast “Unlocking US” with Harriet Lerner. I’m also teaching you how thought work plays into apologies and how to do it correctly. 

#36 How to Create What You Really Want

Listen in as I offer the Do’s and Don’t to creating what you really want. It’s not like anything you’ve heard before. I’m going to teach you the tools that will allow you to have the kind of life and hapiness you never thought possible. You don’t want to miss this one!
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