#8 Tools for your Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day!

We all have days that just seem to drag on. The ones where we weren’t our best to begin with.

In this episode I’m going to teach you how to create a ” Bad Day Plan”. I’m offering you 7 tools that will help you drop the shame or guilt of being in a bad mood, and even get you out of it quicker.

We all experience a full range of emotions, and I want you to know that nothing has gone wrong, everything is as it should be… bad mood and all.

#7 Become the Momma With All the Answers: Spirit Led Parenting

Mommas, you are entrusted with these sweet little spirits and I know you want nothing more than to guide and protect them.

In this episode I’m going to teach you the 3 stages of answer finding and the steps you can take to not only find, but create the best answer for your child.

Here’s a hint, you are not alone in this. Heavenly Father is right beside you and has given you an amazing brain full of answers!

Your brain is your very best asset. I’m going to teach you how to use your own thoughts and experiences to best help those little squishes!

#6 How to Stop Buffering and Feel Negative Emotion

We all experience so many emotions every day. Many of them uncomfortable. So we have come up with habit after habit to avoid these emotions.

The habits provide temporary relief until the emotion comes back and we are worse of than before.

What if you got really good at negative emotion? Sounds fun right? Knowing how to experience negative emotion is the key to creating an incredible and full life.

Listen in to learn how.

I also added this free worksheet to use in conjunction with this episode! Enjoy!

#5 Let Success Be Your Noise

Do you ever feel like you are building the world one small human at a time?

Like you are dealing with tantrums and emotions and dirty rooms in an effort to raise these little people? And yet, it’s the kind of work that goes unnoticed?

Motherhood is not glamorous. We don’t receive awards and accolades and yet we stick with it anyway. But what happens when we hit burnout.

How do we quietly serve and deal with the lack of gratitude that we sometimes expect from our spouse and our children?

This episode will teach you what is really wearing you out and how to redefine success as a mother. I’m going to teach you why your kids don’t need to change in order for you to feel better and the quality I most admire in each of you

#4 The Storytelling Cure

Our Brains are amazing. But, they are really good at being efficient. Which means, they don’t always get the whole truth. Our brain just feeds us the truth that’s easiest to understand.

So, when it comes to hard things in our life, our brain has provided us with a very convincing story.

This episode will give you tools to identify what story is really causing your pain and help you create your own amazing story moving forward.

This one even comes with a few of my famous accents!

#3 The Model; part 2

When you are on the inside of your own life its really hard to get perspective. It’s even harder to gain awareness of what is happening right in our own brains.

This episode is going to teach you the most incredible coaching tools. I teach this to all my mommy clients and within minutes they can’t believe how much more power they have.

This tool is the difference between surviving and truly living.

#2 The model part 1; Circumstances vs. Thoughts

Sometimes it feels like we are at the affect of our lives. The world is spinning around us and we just have to take it as it comes. It’s our Childs mood, our Mother in Laws opinions, or even a loss. Sometimes its and illness or a physical limitation.

In this episode Im going to teach you the difference between a circumstance and a thought, and why understanding this is everything.

I’m also going to reveal some sneaky thoughts that sound nice, but upon further inspection I realized that they didn’t serve me.

Get ready to learn, have fun and feel better. See you inside!

#1: Being Limitless Isn’t About Being More

Limitless can sound daunting. Like it’s unattainable and too large to even wrap our brains around. Yet, most self-help encourages us to break through limits, stretch ourselves and “climb to new heights”.

In this episode I talk about what it actually means to be limitless and why you are already enough. Being limitless is the process of discovering who you already are.