#69 Selling Like Gangbusters!


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I’m sharing my 3 SECRET to selling in a way that feels more like service… and getting more YESSES!

Wouldn’t you love to show up on a “sales” call with the magic formula? Well ladies, it’s so much easier than that. Who can memorize a script and act natural anyways!

After years of growing 2 successful business and growing up with an UBER talented sales coach for a Father… I wanted to share with you how to use the model in order to show up and sell every last product! This is how you can become the photographer/etsy seller/coach/entreprenuer that you know you are capable of!

You will sell with ease when you fully understand these 3 simple principles of SALES!

I would love to help you talk through your beleif in what you are selling.
Grab a free coaching call here and lets get you to your goals quicker and with a lot more fun!

#68 Your Ability to Heal Your Depression | with Guest Jacob Hess

heal depression

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This interview with PHD and mindfulness expert, Jacob Hess, was mind blowing for me. 

I invited him on because his experience with depression in his personal life, alongside his education has brought him to some pretty powerful and hopeful conclusions about our ability to heal our depression.

In this episode you will learn what neuroscientists are saying about what actually creates depression. You will also hear him teach you how to approach your depression whether that includes medication or not.

I wish I could send this out to every woman I know… Maybe you can help me. Share the love today, and click the 3 dots, copy the link, and send this to someone you love.

#67 Getting Unstuck


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How many times have you tried to change that bad habit. You know, the thing you do that leaves you feeling a little less like you. If you look around, you will find self-help book after self-help book offering you systems and accountability charts to stay on track. This can be useful, but not lasting.

I’m teaching you how I get unstuck when I see myself repeating the same behaviors over and over again. I’ve seen it work with yelling, eating, social media etc.

I’m going to tell you exactly how to finally overcome your impulses to stay comfortable, so that you can become incredible.

#66 The Depressing Story We tell About Our Depression


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Has a doctor ever told you that you will have to deal with depression the rest of your life? 

Maybe you feel like you’ve tried the protocol they have offered and yet you still lack motivation. You might feel guilty for not being the mom you think you should be. Maybe you wonder if you will ever be… YOU again.

If this sounds like you, I’ve got amazing news.

Your hopelessness might be learned. It may be that what you think is just true, is actually a story you don’t have to tell anymore.

#65 Tools to Grow Your Business

business tips

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Dreams. Goals. Reaching for something exciting, different and challenging.

These are traits everyone of us possess. We are designed to REACH for something beyond ourselves, and having depression does not make us exempt from these desires.

You also have to know that having depression doesn’t make you less capable.

I’m sharing some incredible brain hacks and time saving tools that have allowed me to grow my business even with a mood disorder.

We don’t need to have a perfectly steady mood to grow beyond our wildest dreams. And, neither do you.

#64 Balancing Empathy with Agency


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This week I am going to teach you why coaching is the best way to fully exercise your agency. The tools I teach help us to not only choose how we behave but also how we think and feel. It’s a powerful and joyful place to be.

Empathy is one of those emotions that we tend to believe happen to us. It can be a loving emotion, but also an overwhelming and powerless emotion that can leave us frustrated and exhausted.


Listen in as we talk about when empathy takes away our agency and how the Savior can pick up the slack for the struggle our kids experience. It’s amazing to know as parents, that we cannot break anything that can’t be fixed!

#63 – Sharing Your Talents | with Nicole Radmacher


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Imposter Syndrome got you down? Ever feel like everyone around you has something you don’t. Maybe you feel like you drew the short straw and don’t have what it takes to create the life you dream of?

I hear it from all of my clients. Even MY inner mean girl comes out and tells me I’m not good enough, smart enough or talented enough to go after my goals and develop my talents.

On this episode Nicole Radmacher, fellow momprenuer and overall lover of life, teaches us her favorite scripture stories and verses that teach us why we NEED to recognize our talents and how amazing we are, before we can ever develop our gifts!. The thought that we are valuable needs to come before we can create value in the world! 

#62 What Matters and What Doesn’t

what matters

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I have found that we are usually confused about what is important and what isn’t. And, when we focus on the things that matter, we end up with more time, energy and Joy.  We don’t have enough time to pay attention to the things that don’t matter. We can’t squander our energy on things that don’t move us towards our goals. We are far too amazing to give up any of our precious ideas and power to others that would knock it down or underestimate us.

But first, lets get really clear on what actually creates a happy life. It might surprise you.

#61 Stages of Change & Getting Control of Your Behavior


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For many of us, change feels hard. We try to be “better”. We try to love more, to be more patient, to give more freely of our time, to be more understanding and mostly to not REACT.

And, then it happens. We explode. We are triggered by something and lose all sense of what feels best and go into our autopilot mode and react to our life.
The truth is, it’s not your fault. Your brain was made to react. It was created to act without your input at all. But don’t let this fool you into thinking that you can’t change. The only reason you fell back into old patterns is because you didn’t know how to change at a deeper more permanent level. And, most people won’t do this because it almost seems too straight forward.

Listen in and learn the secret not so secret way to stay in control of your behavior for good with these deeper levels of change.