#59 How I Get Stuff Done with Depression

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret… I’m not magic. I’m hoping most of you already know that. But, I also know that your brain would have you believe that people around you who are doing things you want to be doing… are in fact magic in some way. 
You may believe that someone is better at organization and that’s why they can do what they do. Maybe they are early risers and that’s why, or they are naturally confident. Or, maybe, they just don’t struggle with what you struggle with. 
But, what if none of that is true. 
Today I am sharing how I get STUFF done, even with depression. How I show up, even with migraines or mental illness or fatigue. 
You can be successful and also not be perfectly healthy and energetic all the time. Honestly, your health has nothing to do with your success. 
Skeptical? Listen in and see if you can implement some of these things that help me to show up even when life is hard.

#57 The Food Mood Connection | with Health Coach Ali Ginn

We consume so much food in our lifetime. It’s crazy to believe that it wouldn’t have an effect on our mood.
In this episode I talk to Functional medicine health coach, Ali Ginn. She talks about identifying the root cause when it comes to fatigue, hormone imbalances and mood.
We also discuss how thought work and the coaching I do plays into sticking with any type of lifestyle change, and what’s actually happening in the brain when we create emotion intentionally.

If you want more help with this you can grab a free session with me HERE

#47 Acquiring Thoughts, & Stepping into Conciousness

If our thoughts create all of our results in life…then we better be careful where we are getting all those thoughts!
Today I’m teaching you that everywhere you go, you are collecting thoughts. Most of which won’t create your best life. 
We have to learn how to step into consciousness. Some call it, being intentional. This allows us to be in the world and not of it. 

#44 EmyLee Coaches Katelyn About What To Do For Distance Learning

Can I just say, I really want to throw you all a life raft right now! So, I’m trying not to fall in the pool on this one! 
We all have a lot of similar decisions to make in the fall and it can get overwhelming. Especially when our brain is looking at last spring as an indicator for what we have to look forward to!
What I want you to notice when I am coaching Katelyn is how even as she tries to decide on the perfect school choice for her son, she still feels overwhelmed and stuck. 

Changing the Circumstance can help a situation. We would all like things to get back to normal. I agree. But the truth is, it’s not actually the distance learning creating our mood and relationships with our kids. 

Even as she looks for a new option, she is holding on to the thought, ” He’s going to fight me every step of the way.”

The decision is not nearly as important as our thought. That’s why I LOOOVE coaching. And why I had to offer you this robot version of my coaching call. It was just too good. 

#30 How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

If you feel like you yelling at your kids has become your go to move, I can help.
First of all, there’s nothing wrong with you. Your brain is actually doing a really great job when you yell. You don’t yell because you don’t love your kids and it doesn’t mean you’re weak.
Changing behavior with willpower alone is a loosing game. Come find out why.

#29 Suffering is Optional

Pain is necessary but suffering is optional.
The challenges we experience are necessary, important and joyful even. But, the suffering that we associate with challenges in our lives is unecesary and caused by our own thinking.
You guys are going to walk away from this episode inviting fear and frusteration to hop in the back seat of your car and drive away with you. I promise!

#27 EmyLee Coaches Kristina on Reaching Her Goals (even with kids)

I wanted to share with you a glimpse into one of my client sessions.

Kristina shares with me that her child’s needs aren’t more important than her needs, but they are more urgent.

This has her constantly adjusting her schedule to accommodate which means she is struggling to make traction on her goals.

Listen in as we question the thought that our goals have to take away from our kids. Is it possible that creating our best life also adds to theirs?

#26 Relinquishing Control

Have you ever been a back seat parent? … Me…I’m totally guilty of this with my husband. And, like you, I’ve struggled to sit quietly while he parents different than me because that is my child too, right?
Control is a funny thing. It feels so available to us and also so important.
This was true long ago when we were living in the wilderness. We needed to control whatever we could in order to stay alive. But today, even though it’s less necessary, our brain tells us that we need to be in control or we might DIE!
The thing is, control is an allusion. The more you beleive you have it, the more stuck you feel.
Letting go of control and  focusing on how you think and feel is the way to have power over your results.
Listen in for some surprising suggestions about what is not your “job”. It might just change your life.

#25 Can God Be Dissapointed in you? With guest Kurt Francom

Sometimes we get caught up in God’s business. We think we know the plan. We beleive we know what should have happened or what would be best for our future. But we do this the most by assuming we know what God thinks about us.
Many of us beleive that God loves us, but we also think he’s disappointed in us.
This episode is full of scriptures to help support the idea that God is never disappointed in you. He genuinly loves you, no matter what you do. And I hope you will hear this episode and then go out and do good, because you know that God would love you even if you didn’t.
If you want to learn more from Kurt Francom, you can find his most popular podcasts here: https://leadingsaints.org/category/mp3/