#88 Social Anxiety & Planning

social anxiety

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Phones, texting, easy access to email and Facebook messenger has added to our social anxiety. Not in the way you might think though. It’s not that we are less used to interacting face to face…. I believe it’s the constant decision making and chatter that is created by our ability to make and change plans at any moment. This chatter is exhausting and for most of us we have coped with it by not planning at all. And, of course, this hasn’t helped either.

I’m going to better explain anxiety and give you real tools to help you minimize the chatter that has you living with social anxiety.

#33 Minimizing Momma Anxiety


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The goal is not to get rid of anxiety. The goal is to find profound and noticeable relief from anxiety by allowing it.

Anxiety is an emotion that always starts with a less challenging feeling first.
What we describe as anxiety is simply the resistance to feeling negative emotion.

In this episode I am letting you into a recording of my “Minimizing Momma Anxiety” Masterclass where I teach my 4 magic tools to allow emotion and find immediate relief from the storm of emotions we often feel are out of our control.

If you want to talk more about working with me one on one, you can find my calendar and sign up on my website.