#26 Relinquishing Control

control in motherhood

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Have you ever been a back seat parent? … Me…I’m totally guilty of this with my husband. And, like you, I’ve struggled to sit quietly while he parents different than me because that is my child too, right?

Control is a funny thing. It feels so available to us and also so important.

This was true long ago when we were living in the wilderness. We needed to control whatever we could in order to stay alive.

But today, even though it’s less necessary, our brain tells us that we need to be in control or we might DIE!

The thing is, control is an allusion. The more you beleive you have it, the more stuck you feel.

Letting go of control and  focusing on how you think and feel is the way to power over your results.

Listen in for some surprising suggestions about what is not your “job”. It might just change your life.