Episode #99 Questioning Your If/then Statements

We live by a set of rules. A belief in cause and effect. If we do this, then this will happen.
However, how many of those beliefs have you questioned. Are you sure they still hold true for you? Or are you living from a causal statements that no longer holds weight in your life.
I’m offering up some cause and effect statements that real clients have brought to me.
Women and Mothers just like you, who are trying to keep relationships with their families, grow a side gig, contribute in the world and grow their spiritual reservoirs, EVEN with depression. I’m going to show you why these beliefs aren’t true… in fact they are optional. And, you might want to stop thinking them.

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#96 The First Step To Making Friends with Your Feelings

managing emotions

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Many women ask me… How do I slow down my reaction in the middle of a high emotion situation?


How can I just slow down and identify my thoughts when so much is going on?
And I tell them.. most the time you can’t.

A lot of the work we do happens outside of the chaos. It happens at night when you write out your thought download or do a worksheet.
Or it happens in our coaching sessions when I help you apply the tools to your situation directly.

Really the tool we use in the middle of the chaos looks a lot like making friends with your feelings or processing your emotions.

This is where we learn to break the compulsion for certain behaviors by sitting with an emotion until our body self regulates.

It’s a powerful tool, and I’ve added a self paced course all about it to my upcoming coaching program, “SHIFT YOUR FEELINGS”.

#83 Increasing Your Emotional Bandwidth


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How much can you feel before you are “out!”. For me, it didn’t use to take very much to take me out of the game. A simple tantrum or quarrel and I was wiped out!

This week I’m teaching you that increasing the amount of emotion you can handle will make you better at life. I’m going to help you avoid “The upper limit problem” so you can stop sabotaging yourself and falling back into overwhelm. And, I’m going to show you the benefit of feeling negative emotion in a way that doesn’t swallow you up, but allows you to show up! It’s seriously sooo good. See you inside!

#48 Succoring The Weak

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We can’t mistake ownership of our own emotions for an opportunity for blame. When we believe that others are doing it wrong, and that is why they are struggling, we miss a massive opportunity to SUCCOR.

This is an emotion that’s always followed by action, something our Savior knew well.

In this episode I’m explaining the term: spiritual bypassing, and how it tricks us into thinking that we don’t need to take action.

Action is always optional, but for me, it’s the best version of me. I want to create emotion that drives me to serve and succor those around me. I’m always on the side of mourning with those that mourn.

#45 Being Productive in our Vulnerability

being vulnerable

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The traditional idea is that vulnerability means we are exposed, and available for attack. This is not how I see it. In Fact I think it’s the allusion of being exposed that pushes people apart when they try to be vulnerable with each other. 

Listen in as I teach you why vulnerability is never a bad idea and the way to fully show up and be heard. 

#43 EmyLee Coaches Ashley on What to do when a friend is mad at you


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I’m giving you a SNEAK PEEK into one of my client coaching sessions to give you a glimpse of the types of things we coach on and what a typical session looks like.

Ashley struggles not to take on the options of her friend. She feels attacked, but since her kids are friends with her friends kids, she doesn’t want things to feel awkward.

Check out the different tools I offer to her and how Ashley applies them to her situation.

#22 What It Means To Love & Be Loved


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Love can’t be given away, and others can not give it to you. Love is an emotion that we create with our thoughts.

This means that we are 100% loveable and so is everyone else in our life. Someones lovablitliy is directly related to our capacity to love and not the behavior of the other person. This is amazing news!

Their are no difficult people in our lives, only thoughts that stop us from loving them.

This also means that there is no need to change ourselves so that we are more lovable. How people feel about us is 100% about them. Our job is to show up loving because that’s who we are.

Listen in and I’m going to teach you why there is never a downside to love.

#20 Emotionally Empty


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Most of us think we want an easy life, empty of emotion and heartache.

This episode will teach you why it’s so important to know how to identify your emotions and then make friends with them.

A rich and full life has ups, downs, twists and turns. And, this is exactly how we want it to be.

Listen in for my favorite way to make friends with the big bad bully, anxiety!

#8 Tools for your Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day!

good day

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We all have days that just seem to drag on. The ones where we weren’t our best to begin with.

In this episode I’m going to teach you how to create a ” Bad Day Plan”. I’m offering you 7 tools that will help you drop the shame or guilt of being in a bad mood, and even get you out of it quicker.

We all experience a full range of emotions, and I want you to know that nothing has gone wrong, everything is as it should be… bad mood and all.

If you want help with something you are struggling with or working on, you can hop on a free call with me by clicking here. It’s 30 minutes you will never regret taking for yourself. 

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