#95 Emylee Coaches April: “If it’s not hard…Am I doing it right?”

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Have you ever hear the phrase, ” Anything worth doing is hard”… or thought that if it wasn’t hard, maybe you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough?

Of course you have! You are a strong woman who wants to excel and grow and change but you often create shame for yourself wondering, “Am I doing it right? Am I trying hard enough? Am I pushing myself to my full potential?”

Turns out for a lot of you, these questions aren’t useful. They keep you stuck waiting for someone else to tell you that you are enough.

If this sounds like you, then you need to come be a part of SHIFT. My coaching framework that will give you tools to control your mood so you can start creating the epic life that calls you… even with depression.

#52 EmyLee Coaches Janet on Her Husband’s Thoughts About HER

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You know that moment when your husband walks in and you quickly become very aware of the mess surrounding you?

It doesn’t matter that you loved how you played with your kids that day, or that you called up a friend in need. You forget that you fed your kids or read your scriptures.

He walks in and looks around and right away, you become defensive.
Doesn’t he see all that you do? Why does he care so much about the mess?

I want to offer to you that it’s not your husbands thoughts about the mess making you feel less than.

Most often, you aren’t quite sure if we are doing enough, spending time in the right places or that what we do even makes a dent.

Listen in as I coach Janet on her Husband’s thoughts about her . This coaching session offers great insight into how we can stop defending ourself, and start loving ourselves.

#40 How to Change Your Thoughts

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Self help book after self help book and we begin to feel like we are just spraying a whole ton of febreeze on top of a heap of manure. Gross I know. But, that’s what it’s like when we try to think positively without the awareness of what’s actually creating our struggles.

By now you may know that it’s your own thoughts, not anything outside of you, challenging your mood and life.

So the next question of course is, “How do I change my thoughts?”

After you’ve identified thoughts that aren’t serving you, you are ready to change them, but how?

In this episode I’m teaching you how to bridge your way to a thought that serves you far better and that you actually believe!

The difference between a life of struggles and one that fills you up is often one thought.