Episode #99 Questioning Your If/then Statements

We live by a set of rules. A belief in cause and effect. If we do this, then this will happen.
However, how many of those beliefs have you questioned. Are you sure they still hold true for you? Or are you living from a causal statements that no longer holds weight in your life.
I’m offering up some cause and effect statements that real clients have brought to me.
Women and Mothers just like you, who are trying to keep relationships with their families, grow a side gig, contribute in the world and grow their spiritual reservoirs, EVEN with depression. I’m going to show you why these beliefs aren’t true… in fact they are optional. And, you might want to stop thinking them.

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#97 Setting Your Kids Up for a Happy Future

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Much of the way we present the future to our kids is based on their past. And of course they don’t have much of a past to draw on.

We show them what they can do in the future through too many filters.

What have you done?
What did you like?

And then, of the ones remaining we ask…which ones were you good at?

Then we offer them their possibilities based on what is currently possible.

In this episode I’m going to show you how I talk to my kids about what’s possible.

Oh and I’m also sharing some of the coolest lessons I learned from competing in a fitness competition back in college.


FHE SERIES: Emotionally Confident Kids, #1 “Don’t Be Afraid of your Feelings”

you are important

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So insanely excited to be bringing you this Family Home Evening Lesson Series.

I know that these tools have been so life changing for me and the first thing I wanted to do after learning them was to teach them to my kids.
Our children live in a world that is so full of distractions, that our kids never have to really feel emotion.
This leaves them confused about what emotions mean, and what to do with them!

I created this series so that you could bring these tools into your homes and help your little ones feel compassion for themselves when they aren’t happy.

I want them to go toward the hard thing, even when there is fear.

And, I hope this will help them do things even if they have to approach the unknown.

Our kids need these skills and you are the perfect one to teach them!

There will be 4 lessons created with simple object lessons, scriptures and tools to help your kids become Emotionally Confident.

At the end of the 4 part series, I will make printable templates available so you can teach your kiddos!

#42 How to Help Your Struggling Child without Creating Distance


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Our reasons for guiding our children are full of love. We want them to be happy. We want them to not have to struggle as we did. We want them to go down the path of least resistance.

We set boundaries because we love them. So how come it’s so hard to feel love for them when they keep breaking our trust, making poor choices, and ignoring our rules.

What’s starts out as a loving endeavor can quickly turn to anger, frustration and a feeling of helplessness for many of us with a child who is struggling.

I’m teaching you 3 secrets to stay engaged with your child even when they are making “poor” choices.

They aren’t what you think. But they are much more effective than the emotional roller coaster we seem to be on right now.

Take a breathe and tune in… I’ve got you.

#30 How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids


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If you feel like you yelling at your kids has become your go to move, I can help.

First of all, there’s nothing wrong with you. Your brain is actually doing a really great job when you yell. You don’t yell because you don’t love your kids and it doesn’t mean you’re weak.

Changing behavior with willpower alone is a loosing game. Come find out why.