#16 Stepping into Your Future Self | with Guest JODY MOORE

life coach

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It was a full circle moment sitting down to interview Jody Moore for the podcast.

I still remember the first time I heard her teach me these tools and the way they changed my perspective and allowed me to feel joy whenever I wanted.

Once I decided to be a life coach, I had to live from my future self. Because… I had no idea what I was doing. So I asked myself, ” If I was already helping thousands of people and being asked to speak all over the world, how would I feel act and think?”

Surprisingly, Jody still asks herself these very same questions as she embarks on her next steps. Where ever we are is already enough. Now, take that “enoughness” and serve!

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#3 How to Solve Any Problem: Part 2


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When you are on the inside of your own life its really hard to get perspective. It’s even harder to gain awareness of what is happening right in our own brains.

This episode is going to teach you the most incredible coaching tools. I teach this to all my mommy clients and within minutes they can’t believe how much more power they have. This tool is the difference between surviving and truly living.

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