#96 The First Step To Making Friends with Your Feelings

managing emotions

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Many women ask me… How do I slow down my reaction in the middle of a high emotion situation?


How can I just slow down and identify my thoughts when so much is going on?
And I tell them.. most the time you can’t.

A lot of the work we do happens outside of the chaos. It happens at night when you write out your thought download or do a worksheet.
Or it happens in our coaching sessions when I help you apply the tools to your situation directly.

Really the tool we use in the middle of the chaos looks a lot like making friends with your feelings or processing your emotions.

This is where we learn to break the compulsion for certain behaviors by sitting with an emotion until our body self regulates.

It’s a powerful tool, and I’ve added a self paced course all about it to my upcoming coaching program, “SHIFT YOUR FEELINGS”.