#47 Acquiring Thoughts + Stepping into Consciousness


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I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret… I’m not magic. I’m hoping most of you already know that. But, I also know that your brain would have you believe that people around you who are doing things you want to be doing… are in fact magic in some way. 

You may believe that someone is better at organization and that’s why they can do what they do. Maybe they are early risers and that’s why, or they are naturally confident. Or, maybe, they just don’t struggle with what you struggle with. 

But, what if none of that is true. 

Today I am sharing how I get STUFF done, even with depression. How I show up, even with migraines or mental illness or fatigue.

You can be successful and also not be perfectly healthy and energetic all the time. Honestly, your health has nothing to do with your success.

Skeptical? Listen in and see if you can implement some of these things that help me to show up even when life is hard.

#40 How to Change Your Thoughts

mindset coaching

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Self help book after self help book and we begin to feel like we are just spraying a whole ton of febreeze on top of a heap of manure. Gross I know. But, that’s what it’s like when we try to think positively without the awareness of what’s actually creating our struggles.

By now you may know that it’s your own thoughts, not anything outside of you, challenging your mood and life.

So the next question of course is, “How do I change my thoughts?”

After you’ve identified thoughts that aren’t serving you, you are ready to change them, but how?

In this episode I’m teaching you how to bridge your way to a thought that serves you far better and that you actually believe!

The difference between a life of struggles and one that fills you up is often one thought.

#2 How to Solve Any Problem

problem solving

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Sometimes it feels like we are at the affect of our lives. The world is spinning around us and we just have to take it as it comes. It’s our Childs mood, our Mother in Laws opinions, or even a loss.

Sometimes its and illness or a physical limitation.
In this episode Im going to teach you the difference between a circumstance and a thought, and why understanding this is everything. I’m also going to reveal some sneaky thoughts that sound nice, but upon further inspection I realized that they didn’t serve me.

Get ready to learn, have fun and feel better. See you inside!

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