#49 Faith & Truth


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You are the creator of your faith. You can just believe. No matter the state of our world, no matter the amount of naysayers or loved ones who challenge your beliefs…. 

You just get to believe. 

I’m going to show you where you put your beliefs in the model and that when truth requires faith, it allows us to believe no matter the circumstance.

#19 Powerful Truth


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IThe way we talk about things matter. We state events and situations in our lives as if they are just observations or facts.

But, what if the way we were describing it wasn’t truth. What if what we thought was truth, could be changed.

In this episode I’m going to teach you of some of the “truths” my clients bring to me and how the way they talk about their life makes a dramatic difference in how they feel.

Im also going to talk about faith and why getting to choose what we believe is the best place to be.

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