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Because Depression is REAL

 But, Suffering is OPTIONAL

If you can’t seem to get traction over your depression, even with medication… THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!

Medication, although very useful for some, only treats the symptoms of depression. 

That’s because for most of us, depression is a multi-faceted issue. And requires more than just medication. 

Imagine offering Tylenol to someone with a broken arm. 

They may feel relief, but the bone would not set right, and the real problem of healing the arm would not be addressed. 

In order to treat the root cause of depression, we need to address our thoughts about the diagnosis and our lives. 

My “SHIFT” coaching tools are revolutionizing mental health. 

There is more joy avaialable beyond medication. 

Click below and let me show you .

testimonial image mandy potter

I am so thankful for EmyLee’s knowledge and guidance. She’s incredible and helped me in all aspects of my life. She helped me through the things that weighed me down & thoughts that blocked my potential. I am so grateful I found her and for the progress I’ve made as a friend, mother, and wife

Mandy Potter

I love working with EmyLee! Her energy is contagious!

I had a hard time always worrying what others thought about me. I would fixate on what someone might think of my messy house or my weight or if they liked me…and it was an exhausting way to live.

EmyLee did an amazing job at outlining thought work. We get to choose what we think about and we get to create the reality we live in. I loved her confidence and encouragement. I especially loved how she had me focus on the facts and not assign meaning to other peoples actions. Her advice has helped my relationship with my husband, kids and my friends. I feel like I am getting so much better at looking at problems from a standpoint of what I can do and not expecting others to change in order for me to find happiness.

Michelle Greer

testimonial image Michelle Greer_cropped
Testimonial image Janae Ashton

I think Em is even better when you get her in person, one on one. I felt her genuine concern for me and my heartaches. But then, I also appreciated when she was bold and showed me how it was possible for me to change my train of thought.

I have and will continue to use the strategy she taught me! I feel like it’s one of the most valuable mental tools. Her program was like a bootcamp for my brain – It gave me a huge kick start to getting my thoughts and emotions in check, and then the ability to continue it on my own. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Janae Ashton

Meeting with EmyLee is amazing! She can walk you through any situation and teach you how YOU get to select your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Learning through this process has helped me understand, live, and love life more fully.

Lisa Hansen

testimonial image Lisa Hansen
Testimonial image Jessica Speith

EmyLee has truly changed my life. I’ve done therapy in the past but with EmyLee’s coaching, instead of talking about the past and focusing on why we feel the way we do and why we do what we do… We focus on the future and what we want to feel and do. It has been life changing. Goals that I have wanted to do forever, I am now doing. Walls that have been up I have been able to take down. And, my way of thinking that I’ve been wanting to change, I’ve been able to change. Thank you Emylee for giving me the tools to move forward in my life and for giving me back my power!

Jessica Speith​